Electrolytes for Recovery – Recovery Lab

Electrolytes for Recovery – Recovery Lab

Electrolytes For Muscle Recovery – In partnership with Recovery Lab

As we know, electrolytes allow us to get more out of our daily hydration. And when it comes to physical exertion, whether as a result of a vigorous training plan or just general daily life, electrolytes provide us with the necessary fuel to power through.

But beyond simply supporting our bodies through day-to-day activities, electrolytes are also a crucial element for muscle recovery. If you’re an active person, you’ll already know the importance of recovery for your body. And with more and more recovery-oriented clinics popping up around Australia, it’s clear that the general demand for and knowledge of recovery is only increasing with time.

Why is it important to replenish your electrolytes during recovery.

During the recovery period after any kind of physical strain (whether it be after a heavy workout or bouncing back from illness), the body works to subconsciously repair the muscle tissue that was broken down during exertion. However, the rate of this recovery is largely determined by the supply of electrolytes in the body.

For instance, if the body is experiencing vitamin and electrolyte deficiency during and/or post exertion, the body is more likely to develop exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMC) and other conditions. A simple way to avoid this is by replenishing the lost electrolytes after physical exertion. Not only will this prevent post exercise soreness, but keeping a good fluid and electrolyte balance will also encourage a faster and more effective recovery.

So, do electrolytes speed up recovery?

Many studies have proven that increased water consumption after a bout of exercise or after an injury can help speed up the rate of recovery. This is because of the electrolytes found in water that travel throughout our body to tend to the affected muscle groups. As a result, the use of electrolyte supplements for muscle recovery have a great effect on the rate in which this recovery is achieved.

Further research has also shown that incorporating vitamin and electrolyte supplements into your recovery routine can reduce the onset of aforementioned post-exercise muscle cramps and spasms, mental confusion, as well as general fatigue. That’s part of the reason why the team at Recovery Lab have partnered with us to provide Vitadrop in all of their recovery clinics across Australia.

Electrolyte supplements go hand in hand with mechanical modalities for muscle recovery such as those on offer at Recovery Lab. Merging the two during recovery gives the body the benefits of both internal and external recovery methods to rebuild muscle tissue faster and mitigate any possibility of muscle soreness post-exercise and daily exertion.

In order to perform at our best, both in bouts of vigorous exercise and in ordinary life, it’s essential to keep up an effective recovery routine. Check out the modalities on offer at a Recovery Lab near you and make the move to maximise your daily recovery.