FS8 Southbank Launch

FS8 Southbank Launch

Vitadrop x FS8 Melbourne Studio Launch

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new player in the fitness realm, and it’s shaking things up when it comes to multi-modal exercise programs. FS8 is the new brainchild of powerhouse fitness franchise, F45, and it’s bringing us the best of our favourite toning workouts.

So, what is FS8?

FS8 is a functional training centre merging all the benefits of yoga and Pilates into one full-body group training experience, becoming the first of its kind to hit the fitness market. The 45-minute classes are based on revolutionary styles that bring sports science techniques to the forefront. Each of the multi-modal exercise programs are designed to strengthen and lengthen core muscle groups while also improving whole-body stabilisation and mobilisation.

The actual name, FS8, translates to Functional Style, with the ‘8’ referring to the number of modalities that make up the FS8 circuit. And so, in keeping on theme with their brother franchise, F45, FS8 isn’t like any other regular Pilates workout.

The classes are more fast paced, with the addition of weighted equipment to really maximise on strength components. Merging these training techniques with a Pilates foundation creates more of a high-intensity workout than your usual Pilates stretch, meaning you’re bound to break a sweat.

Vitadrop x FS8 launch party

Earlier this month, we teamed up with the FS8 crew to help celebrate the launch of their first Pilates studio in Melbourne! The sleek new space is located right in the centre of Melbourne’s cultural hub, Southbank, tucked just behind the infamous promenade.

The event brought together some of our favourite personalities from social media, including Emma Stevens, and Two Evolve co-founders, Darcy Spinks and Petra Konyit.

The launch was a huge success, jam-packed with back to back FS8 classes (which included reformer Pilates exercises, mat Pilates and a HIIT workout), live DJs, healthy snacks, and of course, everyone’s favourite electrolyte drink, Vitadrop, helping to keep the gang hydrated throughout the day.

We were so stoked to be involved in such a special day, pouring out mixes of Vitadrop among the attendees and sharing the importance of electrolytes for post-workout recovery.

Electrolytes for exercise recovery

When it comes to any form of exercise, whether it be a high-intensity cardio session or a more mellow Pilates flow, the importance of electrolytes for muscle recovery cannot be understated.

During any kind of physical exertion, our bodies lose a large amount of fluid, which comes as a result of sweating and heavy breathing. By consequence, our bodies also lose a large supply of electrolytes.

While we know that regular hydration throughout the day will help keep our electrolyte supply on track, this form of hydration isn’t always sufficient when attempting to refuel after an intense workout.

Electrolytes play a crucial role in aiding both regular muscle contractions and muscle recovery, so ensuring you replenish your electrolytes after any workout is one of the best ways to keep your body in check. Electrolyte drinks such as Vitadrop will give your body an immediate supply of lost electrolytes, helping to maintain body fluids, boost energy levels, and encourage the physical recovery of worked muscles.

If you’re regularly exercising at high intensities, or plan on attending an FS8 class some time soon, introducing an electrolyte drink into your routine will not only help make the most of your exercise and avoid the post-workout set-backs, but it will also help your body operate at its best, all day, everyday.