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Electrolytes For Productivity – In Partnership With Ready Media Group

Now that we’ve established the importance of electrolytes for muscle recovery, what about all the other core benefits of drinking electrolytes?

Our brains are complex and delicate systems, combining multiple moving parts to navigate the body’s everyday functioning. And, in order for these parts to function in unison, our brain needs to be chemically balanced.

What many people don’t know about electrolytes is that they contribute to this chemical balance in the brain, carrying the essential electrical charges to stimulate brain activity. The downside of this is the fact that when our body’s become dehydrated, our brains suffer.

This is a very common facilitator of decreased focus and productivity that many working professionals experience on a daily basis. Whether it be sitting at the desk all day, sweating it out on a construction site, or attending an all-day networking conference or workshop, even the slightest drop in hydration can bring about cognitive fatigue.

That’s why we recently partnered with Ready Media at the 2022 annual AREC real estate conference in The Gold Coast, to bring about greater awareness of daily hydration for optimised productivity. With a jam-packed schedule of speakers over the two day event, attendees took to our electrolyte stall to keep their focus and alertness in check during the entirety of the event.

Why electrolytes are important for daily productivity

As mentioned, electrolytes carry electrical charges between cells in the body. In other words, they are a predominant facilitator of transmitting nerve impulses throughout the body, as well as immune signals and other foundational communications.

The brain is where the majority of all of our bodily communications stem from, so it’s no surprise that it relies heavily on electrolytes to effectively communicate regular messages to each of the major body systems.

Not only this, but electrolytes also maintain fluid balance within the body, both internal to the cells and external. We already know that regulating fluid in our body helps to optimise muscle functioning, but it also aids in supporting general brain health. After all, our brains are literally surrounded by fluid. When our electrolyte levels deplete, our brain essentially has less energy to facilitate messaging throughout the body. This often presents in the onset of a headache, increased feeling of fatigue and restricts the ability to focus. Even the slightest dip in dehydration can cause a drop in productivity as a result of these symptoms.

How electrolytes encourage productivity

Replenishing your electrolytes with a concentrated electrolyte powder such as The Daily not only restores the essential vitamins and electrolytes needed for brain function (such as sodium, potassium and zinc), but it also boosts general energy levels, contributing to enhanced general productivity.

Previous research has shown that a 1% decrease in hydration can restrict productivity by ten fold as the body starts to show signs of limited concentration, slower reaction times and decreased cognitive abilities such as problem solving.

The more dehydrated the body becomes, the more general cognitive functioning lessens and productivity declines. All bodies, whether working overtime on the job, out partying or simply going about a leisurely day, need electrolytes to keep the brain and the nervous system operating at optimal levels. When this is fluid and electrolyte balance is maintained, productivity increases.

A single sachet of The Daily has 15 essential vitamins and electrolytes to keep you focused for longer, so you can dive into your next work event.