Hangover Help

Hangover Help

We know how it goes—you start off with a few drinks, then it's a couple more, and before you know it, you're feeling like a total mess. You might even be in physical pain (or at least the emotional kind) if you had too much to drink. And who really enjoys that?!

Here’s a breakdown of a few hangover home remedies to try to avoid (or at least help you through) the dreaded ‘hangxiety’ and give you your Sundays back.

  1. Get Some Sleep

    Rest is your best friend at this point because your body needs a chance to recover.1 Your body needs time to process all the alcohol (and any other substances) you indulged in. Simply stay asleep for as long as you can. Even an extra hour or two of sleep can make all the difference.

    If you need to change any plans, you will likely sound so bad on the phone that they may just believe your excuse.

    - A solid 8 hours of sleep will help greatly.

  2. Drink water, don’t bank on juices!

    Chugging water throughout a night of drinking is important to avoiding hangover symptoms. You might think this counterintuitive if you’re on the naughty-waters, but it’s not changing the amount of alcohol in your system.

    Alcohol promotes urination because it inhibits the release of vasopressin, a hormone that decreases the volume of urine made by the kidneys contributing to dehydration. If you’re laid up the next day sweating, or vomiting, you may be even more dehydrated than you think.

    Water is a better hangover cure drink than fruit or vegetable juices as there is no scientific evidence that juice helps with a hangover.2

    - A one drink to one glass of water ratio is best to minimise hangover symptoms.

  3. Get some carbohydrates into your system.

    Looking to cure a hangover fast? Get some carbs in ASAP. Drinking may lower blood sugar levels, so theoretically some of the fatigue and headaches of a hangover may be from your brain operating without enough of its main fuel.

    There really is no single best food item to eat after a hangover, however, you can nudge your way back to normal with something basic, like a piece of toast or a few crackers or pretzels. The carbs will help regulate your blood sugar, easing the shakes and dizziness.3 If that stays down, try something with a little more substance like a piece of fruit (bananas are excellent) or a smoothie.

    - A hungover morning isn’t the time to start a ‘health kick’; stick to the basics and listen to your body’s cravings.

  4. B vitamins and zinc.

    Your body could really use some vitamins right now. In fact your body really needed them last night; so when you’re headed to hit the bars and clubs on a night out, take your B vitamins and zinc to help curb the hangover.

    A study recently published in The Journal of Clinical Medicine evaluated the diets for 24 hours before and after excessive drinking occurred. They found that people whose food and beverage consumption contained greater amount of zinc and B vitamins had less severe hangovers.4

    - Mix a sachet of the Daily and drink your vitamins!

    Of course the best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink, but such unrealistic expectations have led you here, searching for home remedies. Try and find what works best for you (it will likely be a combination of things) and drink responsibly.

    All that said, it’s probably about time to wander to the kitchen for a glass of water and start your day!


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