6 Reasons To Stay Hydrated

6 Reasons To Stay Hydrated

When it comes to health, there are many things people spend time and attention doing: eating well, working out, managing stress. But one thing people often overlook is the importance of hydration. Your body overall is about 60% water with the majority of your blood and cells composed of water. So, it’s pretty clear, you need a good amount of it to function properly.

Here’s a list of 6 great benefits of hydration and why you need to get your H2O on track and make sure you're getting enough of the good stuff.

1. More energy

Even a slight dip in hydration levels can have us feeling fatigued [1]. But that said, it makes sense that a slight top up will have your body humming! When you’re optimally hydrated you’ll notice a difference in your energy levels and help you go longer and harder…… whatever you’re up to. So whether you’re burning through a tough gym session or navigating a busy social life, keep an eye on your water consumption. The effects of dehydration may be sapping your energy levels dry.

2. Boost your metabolism

If your hydration levels are where they should be, your insides can function in the best way possible. Studies have also shown that there’s a link between water consumption and weight loss [2]. 

Part of it has to do with water retention (your body holds onto more water when it doesn’t have enough) and part is to do with our perceptions; we’re prone to mistaking thirst for hunger, which results in us reaching for that extra slice of pizza.

3. Healthy glow (Radiant skin)

This one’s a funny one because although there’s no hard evidence that drinking more water will keep your skin hydrated; the effects of dehydration can certainly take its toll on your skin and affect its elasticity. 

Your body is totally interconnected; and your external look will reflect your body’s overall health inside. If something’s not right inside, then chances are your skin is going to show some signs. Staying hydrated is essential to so many of your body’s functions and if everything is working perfectly inside, then you’re going to be glowing on the outside!

4. Sound digestion

This one causes some confusion and debate about drinking too much with your meals and whether water inhibits the digestive tract. After eating a meal, water can aid the digestive process [3]. It can help break the food down quicker and therefore make it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients. 

And as we mentioned earlier, water can also play a preventative role—a lot of digestive issues come from overeating [4] (we’re all guilty of it)...  A crisp glass of water can help sate those cravings. Sometimes that hungry-thirsty feeling is really just thirst. So stay topped up in the H20 department.

5. Minimise headaches

Headaches really are just the worst. It’s near impossible to function properly when your head is throbbing, so surely any way to minimise them is a welcomed one. One of the predominant symptoms of dehydration is headaches [5], so a great way to try to reduce those days with a pounding head is by keeping your water levels up. Now unfortunately, some people are inherently more prone to getting them and obviously if they really are a regular occurrence, then absolutely get checked out! However that occasional headache might just be your body telling you your hydration levels have dipped.

6. Detox (Remove waste products)

It’s not all rainbows inside your body, there’s a lot of waste products too (some natural by-products, and some you’ve put there….). These aren’t necessarily harmful, but they can definitely stop you feeling your absolute best[6]. Staying properly hydrated is an important part of removing your body’s natural waste products. It does this in two ways; process and removal. 

Firstly, water is needed to keep your organs working at capacity, which means they’re better at breaking down and processing waste products. Secondly, being hydrated helps maintain healthy bathroom habits, which is one of the ways your body removes those waste products that it’s processed. 

Bottom line – drink more water. Your body will thank you for it later.


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