Why People Are Swapping Caffeine For Vitadrop

Why People Are Swapping Caffeine For Vitadrop

With 400 billion cups consumed each year, coffee can definitely be considered one of the world’s most popular beverages. We drink it to wake up, to socialise, to energise and motivate, but how often do we consider the cost of our coffee habits on our health?

Rich in antioxidants and other actives, we can’t argue that coffee is all bad. After all, there’s nothing quite as soothing as sipping your morning latte. However, like most good things in life, too much of a good thing isn’t actually all that good.

When we start exceeding that single steaming cup a day, or worse, rely on sugar-heavy energy drinks, we open the door to a serious host of side effects, from jitters and a disrupted sleep cycle, to irregular fatigue. 

Cut out the jitters 

Caffeine doesn’t just leave you wired, but whether you consciously feel it or not, it tires your body out too.

Regardless of how you take it (think: coffee, energy drink, or otherwise), caffeine is the psychoactive substance that wakes us up, stimulating our sympathetic nervous systems. As the branch of the nervous system responsible for our fight or flight response, its job is to help us survive in times of acute stress, however, it also has a tendency to make us feel extra irritable, easily agitated and anxious. 

So whilst stress hormones aren’t necessarily bad, in the more common context of chronic stress, these physiological effects cause damage to the body, lending itself to anything from mood swings and poor digestion to a weakened immune system.

Our team of scientists have created a comprehensive blend of 15 powerful actives your body actually needs to adapt to stress, gaps in your diet, or consuming alcohol. Packed full of B vitamins that support the release of energy from whole foods, enjoy a natural energy boost that lasts. 

Enjoy a good nights sleep 

Increasing our heart and breathing rate, as well as blood pressure, caffeine also blocks the receptors signalling our need to rest. And whilst we might not feel tired, fatigue can only be delayed for so long before the body’s regulatory systems begin to fail. Cue poor concentration, impaired judgement and more. 

Completely free from sugar and any stimulants, The Daily offers a boost of energy without relying on harmful substances or caffeine. Essentially, helping you avoid the unwanted side effects caused by energy drinks and coffee. This includes poor sleep and blood sugar spikes that leave you feeling fatigued throughout the day. 

Avoid mood swings 

We all know caffeine has the nasty side effect of disrupting our sleep, but what about our mood? 

As well as having the potential to promote anxiety and depression, those with high caffeine consumption are also at risk of lower levels of serotonin synthesis in the brain. 

So whilst we all enjoy the taste, aroma and ritual of coffee, next time you feel like you need to down your third cup of coffee for the day, why not reach for something different?