Ginger Mojito Cocktail

Ginger Mojito Cocktail

Our vitalising twist on the classic mojito is the perfect drop for those evenings when you wanna show off your fancy pants.

If the thought of some ZEST and ZING gets you rearing as much as the ping on your phone when Fred Again drops tix to a spur-of-the-moment warehouse gig, then we've got just the DROP for you. Channel your inner mixologist, and feel good knowing that at only 89 calories per serve, you can make it againagainagainagainagain.


In a tall glass, add:

  • 30ml Lime Juice
  • 30ml Ginger Juice (swap for grated if you want a real punch in the face)
  • 30ml White Rum (remove for a mock-tail option)
  • Cucumber Ribbon (or sliced, if you want to keep things easy-peasy)
  • Small handful of fresh Mint
  • Topped with Vitadrop Lime Citrus SPARKLING VITAMIN WATER

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